The Triumph 2000 Story

1963 Triumph 2000
1963 Triumph 2000

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In a never-before-published series, Register Member Jonathan Lewis presents his comprehensive history of the Triumph 2000.

Arguably one of the most important British cars of the post-war years, the Triumph 2000 and its descendents were responsible for establishing a number of significant milestones.

One of the first of the modern ‘executive’ saloons, it re-established Triumph as a manufacturer of luxury as well as sports cars, and helped provide a firm foundation for the company’s expansion throughout the 1960s and into the early 1970s.

Although benefiting from a traditional British flavour, during its lifetime it boasted a number of technical innovations that helped set the standard for the rest of the industry, such as the adoption of fully-independent suspension and fuel-injected engines.

In estate car form, it developed a well-deserved reputation as a luxurious, high-speed load-carrier, whilst the car’s combination of great strength, good handling and strong performance helped it to secure an enviable record of success in international rallying.

Lastly, it strongly influenced not only other models from Triumph – notably the Stag – but also those of other manufacturers and, indeed, its eventual replacement.

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