The Register Needs YOUR Help

Several of our key officers, who have generously given some of their time over the years to help run our club, are retiring this year. We are looking for volunteers to do the following jobs:

    • Treasurer
    • Company Secretary
    • Regalia Officer
    • Advertising Editor

Although we have asked many times for volunteers to fill these posts, we have unfortunately had little response. These jobs are important; in particular, the club cannot run without a Treasurer and a Company Secretary. The Register is a limited company, which by law must have a Treasurer and a Secretary; if we cannot fill those posts, then the board would have to consider winding the club up, and that’s something we would obviously rather not have to do. The jobs may sound grand, but in reality do not take up all that much time. So come on, chaps – we have over 500 main members in the UK; surely one of you can spare a little time to help run the club? We’re a friendly bunch of people and it’s a satisfying thing to do. If you think you could help with one of the jobs, then please email the Chairwoman (Sharon) or the President (Andy) to find out more.