Long Service Awards

We have just started to send out long service stickers (green for 30 years, red for 40 years) to those of you who have been members for a long time. It is very gratifying to know that we have so many long-standing members; if you are one of them (140 in total – wow) then thank you ever so much for your loyalty! Special thanks – or perhaps it should be commiserations – to the 18 members who have been with us for 40 years or more. If you qualify for a sticker, it will be sent out with your membership card when you renew (we don’t send them out separately in order to save on our ever increasing postage costs). You will get mentioned in the “Order of Service” list in the issue of SIXappeal immediately after your membership is renewed. This may mean that you don’t receive your sticker or see your name in print immediately – but please be patient, your turn will come!