Membership Subscription Changes

As you may have seen in SIXappeal, and as those who attended the AGM and heard the President talk about finances will know, the Register Board has had to make some very important and difficult decisions of late. Due to the ever increasing cost of materials, printing and in particular postage, the club was starting to run at a financial loss. That situation is obviously not sustainable, so changes were needed. After many hours of discussion the Board decided that membership subscriptions, the club’s main source of income, would have to be increased.

From 1st September 2023, annual membership subscription rates will be:
    • UK                                £35
    • Europe                       £40
    • Rest of the World  £50
Family membership (another member living at the same address) will still be £3 and the joining fee will remain at £6 (this will still be waived if joining or re-joining at one of the shows supported by the Register). There will also be a £4 discount available for taking out a two-year subscription.

For the very first time we will be offering Digital Membership, where you will receive your copy of SIXappeal electronically instead of getting a hard copy in the post. This will cost just £25, wherever in the world you live.

We still believe that membership of the Register is excellent value for money, with our award-winning magazine SIXappeal published six times a year, access to preferential insurance rates and benefits via our preferred broker Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services, discounts at spares suppliers and the National Week every year that is the envy of many other classic car clubs.

This wasn’t an easy decision for the Board to make, but subscription rates have remained the same for many years; the new subscription rates are one of the many ways in which we are trying to improve our financial footing.