Our Members’ Cars

If you’re a Triumph 2000 2500 2.5 Register member, send in a picture of your car for our gallery (three pictures max please) to webadmin@triumph2000register.co.uk. Cars are listed in date order.

The old page of members’ cars is available here. If your photos/description hasn’t changed I can copy them over, just let me know.

Bill Young – 1967 2000 Mk1

Driven by Nicole Kidman in the film The Railway Man.

Dec 20

Michel Grimaldier (France) – 1969 Mk1 2.5PI, 1970 Mk1 2.5PI, 1971 Mk2 2000

Top: Betty is a 1969 MkI 2.5PI owned since 2017. Was on Weber carbs, back on PI in 2018. Photographed during 2019 La Roche de Glun slalom.

Middle: BBQ is a 1971 2000 Mk2 I have owned since 2007, restored in 2012, currently needing some attention. Photographed during 2017 Prague Revival Rally, Rallycross show section.

Above: A global view of my stable. Above right: Valentine is a MkI 2.5PI first registered in 1970. Restoration project owned for 2015, still in project since!

Dec 20

Callan Hyde – Mk 1 2000 Estate

Callan Hyde triumph 2000

My car is a 2000 Estate that spent 1984-2021 sat in a damp garage in Shrewsbury where it was sold new. 

It’s been converted to a 2500S Manual OD as both the original engine and auto box were full of water. 

The car is nearly finished it’s recommissioning after an extensive amount of bodywork.

February 2023

Rob Hanna (South Australia) – Mk 1 2000, 1974 Mk2 2500TC

Dec 20

Andrew Newman – 1969 Mk2 2000, 1976 2500TC

At the time of writing Andrew Newman is editor of the Register magazine ‘SIXappeal’ (since August 2017). He currently owns a pair of MK2s; ‘Laurel’ a 1969 2000 O/D which has much local (Oxford) history, and ‘Olive’ a 1976 2500TC Auto, imported from New Zealand. Cars were assembled there until 1979 from kits sent from the UK. Olive is a project car, being converted to Rover V8 power.

Dec 20

Kevin Barzotelli – 1972 2.5PI

Here is Leon, my Triumph 2.5pi which I purchased in September 2020, the car has belonged to a few register members, most notably Les Bassford who’s name is still on the back of the keyring and only right to stay with the car.

Dec 20

Jim Sawyer 1972 2000 Saloon and 1972 2500 PI estate

Jim Sawyer Triumph 2000

MYL 610L is well known to the Triumph 2000/2500/2.5 Register having been owned previously by John Cottrell, ex-editor of ‘Six Appeal’. I took over as custodian in 2011 from Rob Baker. The 2000 was acquired as I’d replaced our ‘folding camper’ with a proper caravan and although my TR7V8 would have towed it easily it was too light. This also meant the Acclaim had to go (a car well known to Alan Chatterton) but I held on to the TR and the Dolomite.
Both John (installed a 2500 engine)and Rob weren’t adverse to carrying out various mods and upgrades and I’ve done a few myself:

First job was to fit a towbar.
Following its first trip to the ‘Classic Le Mans’ weekend I felt an autobox was not good for long distance work so it was converted to manual OD.
To further improve the long distance touring experience 1970’s 14” wolfrace alloys were fitted.
As a security measure the battery was moved to the boot and a ‘cut-out’ switch added.
I can’t drive long distances without music so a hi-fi system has also been installed.
To keep things cool I’ve fitted an electric fan with sender and manual ‘over-ride’ switch .
Richer needles and modified butterflies have been fitted to the twin SU along with a ‘Cone’ filter.
The engine has had the rockers and shaft replaced and to finish it off, an alloy rocker cover fitted.

Unbelievably I will have owned MYL 610L for ten years this year (2021). In that time I’ve been to ‘Classic Le Mans’ three times and done ‘Club Triumph’s’ RBRR twice as well as numerous holidays and Triumph weekends etc. Having done sterling service in all that time the old girl is need of some TLC so the plan is for a body restoration and engine rebuild in the near future.

In the mean time I’ve bought YTA 859L a 2500 PI (sans PI) estate so I can transport my mother and her wheelchair to various places she needs to go. There’s not much to say about it as it came with no history. I would best describe it as usable but needing work to improve it mechanically as well as bodily. Watch this space.

Jan 21

Jonathan Ingram – Beep 1973 2.5PI

Dec 20

Peter McKenzie – 1973 2000 Estates and 2000 saloon

Dec 20

Paul Barlow – 1973 2500

Dec 20

James Delara – 1973 Mk2 2000

Here is my triumph mk2 2000 1973 being restored. So far it has taken 2 yrs. I got her started in Oct 2018, then had a stroke three days before Christmas 2018 I’ve not done a thing on her for a year. Now doing little bits at a tim.

Dec 20

Chris Barker (New Zealand) – 1974 2.5PI, 1975 2500

Top: The French Blue 2.5 Pi is a 1974 UK assembled car, and was imported here new.
Above: The sable car is a NZ assembled 1975 Triumph 2500, and is well known due to featuring in the Classic Car magazine last year.

Dec 20

Mike Oldham – 1974 2500TC Estate

I am the proud owner of “Winnie”, the 2500TC Estate that used to be the Classics Monthly staff car that was on the stand at the 2017 Practical Classics Restoration show.

I have owned Winnie since November 2019, & have spent the last year going through a list of jobs & upgrades, & following her passing an MOT test today, is now my daily driver.

Looking forward to putting some miles on her!

Dec 20

Darren Sharp – 1975 2500S

Dec 20

Brad Jones – 2500S

Brad Jones 2500SNov 21

Paul Girling – 1975 2500S Estate

Better known for his light blue Herald 2000, Paul bought this Triumph 2500S estate to replace his Ford Focus when it failed it’s MoT in April 2018.

It has been rebuilt over the last couple of years (featured in Six Appeal magazine April and December 2020). De-bumpered at the front. Rear bumper has the car/bumper gap closed up and bumper painted to match the car. Full rebuild blog and photos available here.

Dec 20

Graham Silverton – 1975 2000TC

My 2000TC KUU 2P (Tuppence) may well be familiar to to you as a previous owner was a long standing member of the club.

I purchased the car back in November 2019 from a great chap in South London, He had had the car for a few years and I think the owner before him was the club member. Tuppence came with an extensive history file detailing work carried out over the years of his ownership. I believe it travelled down to Le Mans with a caravan in tow at some stage.

In my ownership it has been maintained as it might have been at maybe four or five years old, not perfect but very very good. I have spent time removing some none standard bits and bobs,tow bar, big speakers from the parcel shelf, fitting a period radio cassette player, I have made up and had edged a set of carpet mats, and refinished the woodwork in a satin varnish, and of course a nodding dog.

2020 was a wash out car show wise, but we did get to Burghley House between lock downs with a group from Lincolnshire.

Any information or earlier pictures of Tuppence would be great.

Jan 21

John Francis – 1976 2500TC

John Francis 2500TC

Tony Edgeworth – 1976 2500S

My inca yellow 2500 S auto saloon was built in August 1976 and purchased by me in April 1978 having covered 41,000 miles whilst registered to BLMC  at Browns Lane Coventry (Jaguar)
 I used it as a daily driver commuting to Birmingham Jewellery Quarter where I was lucky enough to have the use of a staff car park until I was moved to the City centre and decided it would be sensible to use public transport. It continued to be used for holidays etc until  1990 when I decided to buy a modern daily driver , semi-retire the Triumph and just use it for shows and days out etc.
 During the 1980’s it was necessary to have new sills, front & rear wheel arch and door bottom repairs and replacement  of an o/s front outrigger.  If only I had learnt how to weld I could have saved a small fortune!
 The various modifications I made included Stainless steel exhaust, rear seat belts, spin- on oil filter, electronic ignition and unleaded cylinder head conversion. More recently I added Halogen headlights and LED side light bulbs.  
 The current mileage is now 154,000.

Dec 20

Tom Smart – 1977 2500TC

My car is a ’77 2500TC that I bought out of a Bedford council garage in April last year.
It’s been not only my first experience in classic ownership, but my first experience in ownership and driving itself, since it’s my first car. It’s been good… for the most part.