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Buy Generic Tramadol Uk - Can You Buy Real Tramadol Online

for owners and enthusiasts of the Triumph 2000 series of six-cylinder saloons and estates


Buy Generic Tramadol Uk - Can You Buy Real Tramadol Online

Local Areas (UK)

Area Map


Buy Generic Tramadol Uk - Can You Buy Real Tramadol Online

If you’re a Triumph 2000 2500 2.5 Register member, why not send in a picture of your car for our gallery (two pictures max please). Please note some of the pictures and descriptions on here are fairly old now, so some cars may have changed hands. If you know of any that have, please let the webmaster know.

Tony Edgeworth

My inca yellow 2500 S auto saloon was built in August 1976 and purchased by me in April 1978 having covered 41,000 miles whilst registered to BLMC  at Browns Lane Coventry (Jaguar)

 I used it as a daily driver commuting to Birmingham Jewellery Quarter where I was lucky enough to have the use of a staff car park until I was moved to the City centre and decided it would be sensible to use public transport. It continued to be used for holidays etc until  1990 when I decided to buy a modern daily driver , semi-retire the Triumph and just use it for shows and days out etc.

 During the 1980’s it was necessary to have new sills, front & rear wheel arch and door bottom repairs and replacement  of an o/s front outrigger.  If only I had learnt how to weld I could have saved a small fortune!

 The various modifications I made included Stainless steel exhaust, rear seat belts, spin- on oil filter, electronic ignition and unleaded cylinder head conversion. More recently I added Halogen headlights and LED side light bulbs.  

 The current mileage is now 154,000.

David Tallon

I have attached a couple of photo’s of my recently acquired (30/06/12) Triumph 2000 if you would like to include them on your Members Cars section of the clubs website.

OWF 616M was built on 21/6/73 and despatched on 26/6/73 to the supplying dealer Robert B. Massey (York) Ltd, 112, The Mount, York, YO2 2AT. ‘OWF’ was registered on 1/1/74 and stayed in Yorkshire & Worcestershire until I purchased ‘OWF’ on 30/6/12. ‘OWF’ now resides in Essex. The Triumph is in excellent original condition and is finished in Mallard (106) with Grey (78) Ambla trim. ‘OWF’ is an automatic and the mileage is an original 76,000. ‘OWF’ is all matching no’s, unmessed with and drives superbly. This one is a keeper.

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Alan Carter

I joined the 2000 Register in November 2010 at the NEC Show. At that time I did not have a Triumph car but later that month I purchase LBY 740K a Triumph 2000 Mark 2 1972 model, colour royal blue. The car in my opinion at that time was a condition 2 going down to a condition 3. Since buying the car I have found that the original colour was a very pale blue and was sprayed in 2006 after much body work restoration a royal blue. I also discovered that on 23rd April 1999 at a mileage of 97,233 miles the car was converted from an automatic to a manual complete with engine, transmission, overdrive from a Triumph T2000 GFC 880S which had completed 45,855 miles. I understand the rear diff was also changed for the correct ratios to be obtained. The paintwork and the interior have suffered from being left out in the last four years on a driveway in Banbury therefore the car is a running restoration.

We look forward to meeting other Club members throughout the year.

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Alan and Val Carter\’s 1972 Triumph 2000 saloon

Rob Baker

I bought MYL 610L in August 2009 and joined the Register at the same time. I was no stranger to the club though as my parents are Jeff and Julie Baker; members since the year dot and former committee members, so I have them to blame for my Triumph addiction. She is a 1973 2500 Mk2.

It had been a few years since a lack of storage space forced me into selling my Herald 1200, but the intention was always to buy another Triumph once time, space and money allowed. I aim to keep the car in its current tidy condition and improve upon it where possible but still keep it in regular use as I believe John did.

Jobs done so far include:

Jobs still to do include fitting a towbar and replacing the rear bumper which has a mysterious hole on the underside. Once the weather improves the car will be used for towing our classic 1960’s Folding Caravan.

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Rob Baker’s 1973 Triumph 2500 TC

Cloridrato De Tramadol Bula Anvisa

The engine bay of Rob’s Triumph

Michael Hasleden

We have had our 2000 mk2 for 29 years now and I think we are the third owners.

Used as an everyday car for a few years but following a rather overlong rebuild from 1987 till 1994 the car now enjoys a more pampered, fine weather only existence.

It generally goes to mainland Northern Europe every year from our Lancashire home and UK holidays as well. Very much a standard car although certainly not original (too much welding) and very much loved.

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Michael Hasleden’s Triumph 2000 Mk 2

Andy Roberts

I thought you might like this picture of the last racing moment of “Humphrey”, my Triumph 2000 racing car.

The yellow Lotus Cortina was out of control and had spun onto the track into the path of the Triumph, before continuing its spin and nudging the rear of the blue mini cooper. The boot of the Cortina smashed in the left hand front door of the Triumph. The windscreen in the air is from the Cortina!

I still have the car – and intend to restore it as a track day car “one day”. (Actually, it’s reached second place in the restoration queue now). It is about a foot shorter than it should be and all the serious damage is forward of the front bulkhead.

The last racing moment of 'Humphrey' (burgundy car)

The last racing moment of ‘Humphrey’ (burgundy car)

David Marriot

I have owned MRW 970G for 24 years. When I bought her she was in very original condition, and I have tried to keep her like this apart from a few sympathetic upgrades. These have included the fitting of fast road springs and wider rear trailing arms, halogen headlights and an alternator to replace the dynamo.

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Two triumphs of British engineering skill.

Colin Radford

Our Triumph 2500S estate HOE 36N may be familiar to some as it was previously owned by Phil and Lynn Thurman and was in Jan 2006 SixAppeal. Built 14/5/75 she is an early car and fairly rare on an ‘N’.

Used every day at the moment, and a veteran of the Easter 2009 trip to Normandy, she is very much ‘work in progress’ and provides safe and reliable transport to myself, Amanda and our 3 kids,(2000miles in August alone!).

The car was first registered to BL Power and Transmissions at Abingdon, who kept her for 10mths, and we have looked after her since Jan 2008. She has the usual selection of CW polybushes and semi-sport exhaust, Stag front brakes, with rears and master cylinder/servo, and a few other bits and bobs in the garage still to fit.

She also rides on early 70’s vintage MOMO Vega 6×14 alloys, picked up at Stoneleigh earlier this year in a right mess.

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The 1975 Triumph 2500S Estate of Colin Radford

Craig Carnegie

This is my triumph 2000 MKii 1970 Slate Gray. I won this car off of ebay in January 09. Me and my father travelled about 300 miles in a MKIII Fiesta to DRIVE it back From Halifax from a Triumph enthusiast. He drives a Saffron yellow MKii 2500 pi estate or a green (think it was conifer) MKi 2000 saloon on a daily bases. After a quick tune up and a test drive in my 2000 We closed the deal. On the way home It made it a 100 miles on the A1 before the distributor seized and sheared the two dog teeth luckily it happened in the services. the AA came to assistance and they relayed it the rest of the 200 miles home. Once the triumph had reached my address with the AA, I made short work of fitting a spare distributor.

It is now May and it is presently in my workshop at home in North Aberdeenshire. The interior and engine area had been completely gutted out for a re-spray and new carpets. due to the window seals leaking the carpet and other interior trims were destroyed by unwanted seeping water over the years. The Body is very solid apart from a little hole behind the throttle pedal. After all it is 39 years old. Cylinder head is away for reconditioning and an unleaded conversion. Engine area components have been completely restored and all ready to fit thanks to a wire brush, some paint and hole lotta elbow grease haha. I have also made new interior trims panels out of new hard board, foam and vinyl amongst other things. veneering is next :s and then exterior. IF all goes well the car will be back on the road by mid June ready for Triumph shows. Good Fun!!!

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Craig Carnegie’s 1970 Triumph 2000 Mk II

Terry Leach

The car is a Triumph 2000 TC, 1976 LHR 810P, showing 83,000 miles and blessed with an extensive history. I have a private collection of vehicles which can be viewed on my web site Buying Tramadol From India. When visiting click on vehicle collection, then Triumph and I have some 10 pictures.

Cheap Tramadol By Cod

Terry Leach’s 1976 Triumph 2000TC

Mike Puke (New Zealand)

The conversion on Mike’s car was carried out by a previous owner. The Rover V8-powered car sports an Edelbrock inlet manifold and a Holley 390 carburettor, together with a twin 2″ exhaust system with extractor manifolds. Power is transmitted by a Borg-Warner 65 auto ‘box through a modified diff using Holden parts and Datsun 180B half-shafts, all running on Bridgestone 185s.

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Mike Puke’s modified Triumph V8 saloon

Michael Hölz (Germany)

Attached you´ll find some photos of my T2000 racer. The car is a T2000 MK I, build in 65, full Koni race / rally running gear and a slightly tuned 2 litre Mk I engine. (set up with 3 Webers, rolling road tested at 142 BHP – gives me 10:30 min at the Nürburgring). For sure the only T2000 racer I’ve ever seen on the continent…..?

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Michael Hölz’s 1965 Triumph 2000 Mk1 race car

Robert Bromage

Being a new member [7425-01/08] I thought I might add a photo to your to your members list of cars. I bought the car in Jan this year, it is a 1969 Mk II in white, 1 lady owner + 18 years in garage showroom. Indicates just over 20,000 miles incl all old m.o.t.s and is in original condition.

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1969 Mark II Triumph 2000 owned by Robert Bromage

Tramadol Uk Buy

The engine bay of Robert Bromage’s car

Les Dolan

Thought I’d mail a few pics of my car for the website. It came to me with all of the hard work done, just a few issues with the conversion to sort out. It’s 1968 Mk1 2000 Auto that’s had a Rover 3.5 V8 installed. It’s been resprayed in Land Rover Azure blue.
I’ve owned it for around a year, I have some cooling and suspension issues to sort out, but thanks to advice from other helpful members of the forum I can get these sorted over the next few weeks.

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The modified Mark I Triumph V8 saloon of Les Dolan

Jan Waling Huisman

I bought the blue/green car as a 2000 in 1997 and a few months later it was back on home ground, during a visit to the spring Beaulieu autojumble. It was running on LPG, with no conversion to the head. This resulted in a blown engine, so this was replaced with a rebuilt 2500 engine. Together with the one silencer sports exhaust it tore the tarmac from the street, with a sound to match. This picture was taken on a trip with the whole family to the Bourgogne in France. It performed impeccabily, but some rustspots made me decide to take it of the road in 2000. It was replaced by the brown 2500. I got it for free, it only needed a new distributor and two tires. Despite having been idle for three years it started first time on the petrol which was still in the tank! This car served us for about a year. Then the autobox started to play up, which made me decide to make someone else happy with the car. It soldiered on for years, after a minor adjustment on the gearbox.

In the meantime the first car was completely dismantled and the bottom gritblasted. This revealed severe rust damage on the whole floorpan and all the wings. Due to this it still standing on a carlift in my garage, for five years. I cannot bear to part with the car, but repairs will be very involving and tricky. So now I am gradually reaching a point of no return and have decided that the best option will be to replace the whole bodyshell for another one. So, if anyone has a pfl 2000 bodyshell lying around, I would be most happy to give it a good home…..Hopefully to be continued!

By the way, my other cars are: a Mk3 Spitfire (1967), a Bedford Camper (1977), a Fiat 128 3P (1976) (to be restored) and, maybe the most sensible car, a Citroën Xantia (but: 1993, almost 300.000km.)

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The Triumph 2000 Mk II of Jan Waling Huisman

Cheap Tramadol Cod Delivery

Jan Waling Huisman’s Triumph 2500 TC

Lee Smart

I bought this car in october 2007, from a chap in suffolk, who had the car in storage for 20 years! He had bought it as a second car, with a view to restoring it to use it for showing etc. But he had family commitments, and eventually having to sell it. He was the second owner, the first being a lady who lived in Southwold, Norfolk.

The PI, has covered 62,000 miles, and it would seem to have had an easy life, no tow bar, all original, and standard condition. It drives beautifully at the moment, but needs major repairs underneath the car. This work will be carried out in spring, and hopefully I will be attending shows, later on in the year with the PI.

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Mk II Triumph 2.5 P.I. belonging to Lee Smart

Tramadol Buy Australia

Lee Smart’s Triumph 2.5 P.I. interior, showing the early Mk II seat coverings

Ivor (Eire)

Hi, I’m new to the register and I have a 1972 Mk2 2.5PI. I reshelled it (no rust/rot anywhere) and resprayed it Pimento Red and then fitted a manual with o/drive gearbox (originally auto) ,its got the original perfect running PI engine and took me 12 months and a good few £s to get it to this condition. I look forward to getting to the shows in the UK next year as I now live back in Ireland.

Tramadol Online Ohio

Ivor’s 1972 Triumph 2.5 P.I.

Can You Order Tramadol Online

The interior of Ivor’s 1972 Triumph 2.5 P.I. Mk II

Kevin Warrington

So, here is “Opal”, named for obvious reasons. Opal is a 1972 built 2000 mkII automatic saloon that has had a very cosseted life. Her first owner was a wedding photographer in Epsom, Surrey where she lived for the first 34 years of her life. After 18 months of being used to transport Nikons and Hasselblads, she was sold to her second owner, with a Morris Oxford being taken in part exchange. The second owner and his wife owned the car for 28 years and finally, she was bought by a Triumph enthusiast living near Stansted Airport where she lived in a carpeted and heated garage for 4 years before we found her for sale on EBay in May of 2007.

She was described as being in “original condition” with comprehensive paperwork. Now, we all know that big Triumph saloons that have reached the grand old age of 35 years living in this country are not likely to be “original” and so I went about my pre-purchase inspection in a very cautious manner. Underneath, there was a very small amount of surface rust to the original, factory applied paint, but nothing of any seriousness. The sills were solid with no signs of ever being repaired, the shut lines were as good as anything produced in this country and the suspension mounts all looked very solid. There is one repair to an outrigger, but that is all. So, we went for a test drive. The seller was very reluctant as it was raining and the car didn’t go out in the rain. And please would I not drive at more than 50 mph! On our return, I borrowed the vendor’s computer to enter a bid that I was sure would win the auction for me. And it did, so a few days later, we returned to collect her. I could probably have resold her there and then to the seller’s wife as neither really wanted to part with it (but they’ve now got a GT6 bought from the proceeds). Driving home, which was as far as we know the longest journey the car had done in 32 years, it was obvious that the car had seen little use. The most obvious problem was that the idle speed was too fast and the suspension felt a little odd at motorway speeds. So, first call on arriving home was to a friend of mine who is the fleet engineer for a local coach company and who knows tha odd bit about cars (and also owns the 1963 Volvo Amazon that was the vehicle on the turntable at the 63 London Motor Show). Two minute job to sort the idle with the help of the magic Stromberg tool.

I’ve had the car professionally Waxoyled. The chap who did it could not believe the condition that the car is in, saying he has never seen a 1970’s British car with factory paint on the underneath. Along the way, I’ve had bits of carpet and seats out to clean – again, everything is like a 2 or 3 year old car. In addition, Opal has had her gearbox rebuilt; all that was needed was a thorough clean out and replacement of the seals – she had serious transmission fluid incontinence and I’ve had all the suspension bushes replaced with polyurethane – it looked as though all the buses were original.

And the comprehensive paperwork – well – we have the original order form, the delivery documentation, the bill of sale to the second and third owners, nearly every MOT and service sheet and, most surprisingly, a set of petrol ration vouchers from the 1973 oil crisis.

Opal shares the garage with another Triumph – a blue TR6 PI called “Sapphire” for reasons that will be obvious. Opal is my third Triumph – the first was a G-reg 1300 that I bought in 1975 on my 18th birthday.

Some statistics:
Built September 1972, First Registered March 1973, Total mileage from new 51000 miles (with paper trial to verify). Annual mileage (prior to our purchase) – about 500 miles in a good year – we intend to use that car as it was designed and so it will be going to Bonn at Easter and to the National in July. It is currently regularly used as a second car.

Useless Trivia – Opal was registered OPL 158L. The dealer also registered OPL 159L to a white Dolomite. Amazingly, that car also survives and is currently owned (for sale) by Mark at “Southern Triumph” in Bournemouth.

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Kevin Warrington’s 1972 Triumph 2000 Mk II Auto

Lee Godfrey

My Mark 1 PI (XWP 650G) has been owned by myself for nearly two years and has won numerous prizes since such as our Club’s 2007 National where it won best Mark 1 and Car of the Weekend (thanks to all that voted). This made me very pleased. The car is an auto and since ownership has had two flexi-plates, next time its going to become an manual!!!!!!!!. The first time and my second day of ownership I was “flying” along the A1 to the BMC Day at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough,when suddenly i lost momentum. The AA was called out and i was taken to the showground and then i was trailered home after the show.

The second time it went was on the way back from the Stoneleigh show were the car was on our club stand along with Frank Ashton’s and Alan Chatterton’s. The car drove back without any signs of trouble but when I pulled on the drive there was a very loud rattle that disappeared when the accelerator pedal was pressed. I thought it was the exhaust rattling through the chassis at first but found this not to be the case.oh dear!!!!!!!. So engine was stripped down to find nothing untoward. With the engine looking ok the flexi-plate was checked again and there it was……….a hair line crack in the NOS plate. My second car is a one owner from new 1970 Mark 1 Estate which was bought from the elderly owner in June 07 as an MoT failure. The car had failed on its sills, but these looked ok, but how wrong i was, the car has just had major welding on inner/outer sills, front outriggers and wheelarches. It has been sprayed up and now has a new MoT.

Order Tramadol From India

Lee Godfrey’s Mk I Triumph 2.5 P.I. Auto

Peter Morris

As I’ve been getting so much help from your Forum I thought it only fair to send in some pictures.

This car was given to me by my builder who built my extention as you can see from a couple of the pictures when I towed it away from his garage it had sat there since 1990 and was covered in dust, it is now all clean, it is in honeysuckle with chesnut interior which is unmarked. It is a 2.5PI with overdrive and only 47000 miles from new.

I’ve spent quite a lot on getting it back on the road (still having problems) and have had lots of help from the members here, even though they are talking to an idiot (me) they are always willing to help.

Cheap Tramadol Next Day Delivery

2.5 P.I. Estate owned by Peter Morris

Peter Davis

I have a 1969 Triumph 2.5Pi Mk1. Mine is a true 2.5Mk1 with the 132 bhp engine. The pic was taken last year when we had a summer, my intention is to move to Malta in the not so far future, and take my Triumphs with me. I’ve owned the Pi since 1983, and I have a couple of GT6’s and a 1974 Stag.

Order Tramadol Overnight Visa

1969 Triumph 2.5 P.I. Mk I owned by Peter Davis

Paul Stokes

Thought you might like a peek at my lovely 1975 mk 2. Its in french blue and its got 80,500 on the clock.

I did what everyone warns you not to do, buy it from ebay without first going to see it, however, I didn’t part with the money until I saw it “in the flesh”.

Of course, it always seems to be the way that a car looks better in a picture than in real life and this mk 2 was no exception! Whilst it had a long MOT, the rust bubbles at the front of the o/s sills told me that with a bit of digging, I’d probably have a nice big hole, and so it was, I spent most of winter 2006 cutting out and welding small but structural bits, mostly around the sills and bottom of the front wheel arches but also fiddly areas around the ends of the front outriggers where they meet the inner sills. A couple more places were found once the back seat was out.

I stripped out the back springs and probed and scraped around the area where the tops are positioned and found I was in luck, no rust or rot so a good dosing of Waxoyl before everything went back, and the same treatment for the sills and outriggers. She’s now sound and solid.

Apart from fitting polybushes to the trailing arms, renewing the steering rack, stripping out the struts and rebuilding with new parts as required, its a lovely car.

Future plans are a new windscreen, renewing all the door and screen rubbers and perhaps a respray and to think, originally I was after a Toledo or Dolomite!

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1975 Mk II Triumph 2000 owned by Paul Stokes of Hastings

Paul has been restoring the Mk I on his driveway in Hastings. He made templates up from cardboard to enable him to weld the correctly sized plates to his car.

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Triumph 2000 Mark I owned by Paul Stokes

Brian Millington

FLV 293L 2.5PI Estate.

I bought it in 2002 from its second owner who had it for 23 years. It had 68,000 genuine miles on the clock. It had been modified to run on carbs but I re converted it back to PI. This was my everyday car, all year round from July 2002 to July 2005.

SBD 950G Triumph 2000.

Bought new by the comedian Stanley Unwin in late 1968 althogh he did not take delivery until feb 1969 as he was out of the country filming. He ran the car until 1989 which then stood idle until 2002 when he passed away. A friend bought it but did not get around to doing anything so it was advertised on Ebay. It was then bought by a banger racer who fortunately had a concience and offered it to the Register. I bought it and found that it was in a terrible state. Much, much welding later the car looks presentable and was my daily driver from June 2003 until Sept 2006 when I chickened out and bought a diesel car!

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Brian Millington’s Triumph 2.5 P.I. Estate

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Brian Millington’s ex-Stanley Unwin 1968 Triumph 2000 Mk I

Jamie Palmer (USA)

I’m member #7344. Chrissy, my pride and joy, is a 2000 Mk. I Estate currently undergoing 2.5 manual/OD conversion and eventual daily driver status. I’m only aware of two Estates on this side of the Atlantic, so I’ll have to look really hard to see another one! You can see more at my “refurbishment” blog at …please leave comments if you visit!

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Jamie Palmer’s Triumph 2000 Mk I Estate


I bought my 2000 at the end of Summer 2006. It was a bit of a gamble as it had no MOT and had been off the road for nearly 10 years. I decided to take the chance anyway. Luckily, the MOT was no more than a formality – it passed without a problem. I gave the car a thorough service and treated it to a new set of tyres before pressing it into use.

Despite the car only being a toy, I’ve covered about 2000 miles since, and have enjoyed some memorable trips – the Triumph day at Stoneleigh was great fun and an opportunity for a blast along the motorways. The car gets used almost every day now that the weather is improving.

On top of the normal service items, I’ve renewed all the coolant hoses and alternator along with 1001 other minor bits and pieces. Next on the list are a new wheel bearing and brake master cylinder.

I was quite surprised to discover that my car is one of the oldest mk2s still around. It was registered on 1/1/70 but was a showroom display car before being registered, making it quite an early build.

I’m looking forward to a few adventures over the summer, the first being in June when I plan to take the 2000 over to the Nurburgring 24h race. Spectating only of course, but if the chance comes up to do a lap of the ‘Ring it may be too much for me to resist. The club national event is in the calendar too – looking forward to that.

My intention is to keep the car safe, reliable and rust free so that I can enjoy using it, as opposed to turning it into a show winner. I’ve wanted a 2000 for as long as I can remember and am pleased that having finally taken the plunge, the reality has lived up to the expectations!

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The Triumph 2000 Auto belonging to Sorbs

Ex Alan Chatterton

1976 Triumph 2500 S Estate, in Inca Yellow. Very rare colour, as far as we can tell only 7 Inca Yellow S Estates were made and I have only ever seen one other about 12 years ago! Anyone else got one?

YJO584R was the Earls Court Motor Show Car in 1976. This was confirmed to me by the orginal suppling dealer, Chandos Motors in Coventry. When I got the car in 1997, it had the remains of the dealer sticker in the back window. I took the car back to Chandos, and the owner confirmed that he rememberd the car, he originally sold it, and that he bought it off Leyland in late 1976 as an ex-demo car. The supplying dealer on the Heritage Certificate says British Leyland Service and Parts, Cowley, were all the press cars came from.He even gave me a new old stock sticker!

I bought the car in 1997 from the Son of the original owner, who had restored the bodywork including a full respray. It has had wheel arches, sills, part floors, a new tailgate, door bottoms and a exterior respray in the lovely Inca Yellow. I then stripped all the mechanics out off it, repainted and sealed the underside and then rebuilt all the running gear. The engine and gearbox were cleaned, painted and serviced. Uprated springs, shocks and a full Poly-Bush kit were installed, as well as a Witor Semi-Sport stainless exhaust, a towbar and my well-known shiny alloys!

As the years have progresses, several things have been replaced/upgraded. I have put electronic ignition on, a spin on filter, a replacement Vinyl interior (I hate cloth!!) new carpets, new bumpers, new rear drivehshafts etc.

The car is used in the summer only, has done 3 Club Triumph Round Britain Runs, and has been to every National since 1998, and tows a big caravan. It can be seen flying around the Redditch Area, going to the tip full of grass cuttings and transporting a very lively Border Collie in the boot (Smartie loves it, but cowers from the exhaust on full chat!)
This year, it is having some work. The engine (148k, never been apart!) is having an overhaul. New rings, Bearings, oil seals, a witor Cam, cam followers, needles, jets, a new Cylinder Head and the gearbox has been replaced with a brand new Leyland Police spec (Stag internals) gearbox with a special 28% heavy duty Overdrive from Canley Classics. The brakes are being replaced with Stag items front and rear and a new Power Steering rack is required. All this should be finished and run in in time for the 2007 National at Anglesey. We’ll see you there!

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Formerly Alan Chatterton’s 1976 Triumph 2500S Estate

Mike Robinson

I attach a photo of my 2500S estate which is used as a period service barge for historic rallying. Packed full of rally kit (and bacon sandwich making equipment) it has towed cars as diverse as a 1902 Panhard et Levassor and the “full house” TR7V8 featured on the photo.

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The 2500S Estate ‘period service barge’ belonging to Mike Robinson

Roger Cummings

‘GAB’ a 1974 2000 manual with Overdrive and PAS. 3 previous owners the first two being the same family.

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1974 Triumph 2000 manual overdrive owned by Roger Cummings

Peter Haas (Switzerland)

This MkII 2000TC is his everyday transport. He claims to have driven 100,000km without any major repairs and the car is still going strong.

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Mk II Triumph 2000 TC owned by Peter Haas

Michael Ellis

A “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Although badged as a 2.5S it is in fact a 2500TC.

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1977 Triumph 2500 TC belonging to Michael Ellis

Jonathan England (USA)

Now resides in the US of A. Jonathan says that he is having the car shipped out to join him.

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Jonathan England’s ‘Facelift’ Triumph 2500 P.I. Saloon

Nick Rice

This family car has recently been handed down. According to Nick the car was first owned by his grandfather, then his father and now himself.

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Nick Rice’s Mark II Triumph 2.5 P.I.

David Brown (Australia)

A 2500 TC from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. I know there are lots of Trimffs in Oz, but this is the first photo to be submitted from that area – thanks David!

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David Brown’s Australian-built Triumph 2500 TC

Roger Fenton (California)

A extremely rare Triumph 2500TC indeed from California. In a recent e-mail to Andy Roberts, Roger said “The Triumph 2500TC 4-door saloon car that I picked up was built for racing in 1978 for Paul Newman to race in “B Sedan SCCA”. All the bits are still intact except for the perishable stuff like fuel lines, which have been replaced. The car sat in storage for the past 24 years until I picked it up in auction last year. I am trying to get it ready to race in about 1 month.” Good luck to him!

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‘Le Taxi’, the ex-Paul Newman Triumph 2500 race car owned by Roger Fenton

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Engine bay of ‘Le Taxi’

Robert Bakowski

A very rare Triumph indeed, probably the only one in Poland.

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The Triumph 2000 Mark I belonging to Robert Bakowski

Paul Barlow

A nice 2500TC, being driven by his wife (carefully?) near St. Ives.

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Paul Barlow’s Triumph 2500 TC

Kristian Adsley

This 2000 boasts new sills and a respray.

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Triumph 2000 Mk II owned by Kristian Adsley

Mark Wheaver

This 2500TC resides in Swindon.

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Mark Wheaver’s Triumph 2500 TC

Charles Harrison

A trio of Paddlesworth’s best. The blue one is now scrapped unfortunately. The white 2000 WMR 955K was mine for 12 years and was used as the bridal car at our wedding. It also performed many other wedding car duties for friends and family. It attended many Nationals towing our caravan. FRU 388L was Matt Nixon’s and the french blue car belonged to my cousin Martin Harrison both former members. The photo was taken outside my garage here in Paddlesworth!

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Three Mark 2 Triumph saloons


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