The Four Cs Challenge

The Four Cs Challenge – Classic Car and Caravan around the Coast!

Paul Girling, our Web Administrator, has been into classic cars and caravans for quite a while. As well as his 2500 S Estate, he has a rather special Herald and a matching Viking caravan.

The Four Cs Trip

Paul says: We’re taking our Herald and Viking combo around the coast of the UK for fun and to raise money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. We’ll be taking in all four extreme compass points and dipping a toe in each of the four seas surrounding the UK.

Our challenge starts on Monday 6th at Ness Point, Lowestoft (the most easterly point) and should take between four and five weeks and cover around 3,500 miles. I understand from an unreliable source that some of the TSSC Norfolk area are currently doing a sweepstake on how many miles we will do. Thankfully everyone involved so far has at least got us leaving Norfolk.

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Wish them luck (’cos they’re going to need lots of it!) and please donate to this good cause if you can. They are visiting our National at Whitehill Park as part of their trip.

Andy Roberts