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for owners and enthusiasts of the Triumph 2000 series of six-cylinder saloons and estates


Tramadol Uk Online, Order Tramadol For Dogs Online

Local Areas (UK)

Area Map


Tramadol Uk Online, Order Tramadol For Dogs Online

Just twenty three cars finished this most gruelling of long-distance rallies:

1970 World Cup Rally Results

PositionDriverCarTime Penalties
1H.Mikkola/G.PalmFord Escort 1850 GT9hr 7min
2B.Culcheth/J.SyerTriumph 2.5PI10 hr 25min
3R.Aaltonen/H.LiddonFord Escort 1850 GT10hr 46min
4P.Hopkirk/A.Nash/N.JohnstonTriumph 2.5PI12hr 26min
5T.Makinen/G.StaepelaereFord Escort 1850 GT14hr 31min
6J.Greaves/A.FallFord Escort 1850 GT19hr 31min
7P.Vanson/O.Turcat/A.LeprinceCitroën DS2122hr 3min
8S.Zasada/M.WachowskiFord Escort 1850 GT23hr 59min
9R.Redgrave/P.Cooper/R.FreeboroughMorris 180024hr 42min
10Ms. R.Smith/Ms. A.Watson/Ms. G.DerollandAustin Maxi30hr 35min
11K.Tubman/A.Welenski/R.McAuleyAustin 180032hr 36min
12L.Potapchik/E.Bazhenov/Y.LesovskiMoskvich34hr 6min
13W.Bendek/D.Hubner/J.BurgoaBMW 2002TI35hr 14min
14R.Channon/R.CooperFord-Lotus Cortina36hr 43min
15A.Rees/H.Thomas/W.JamesHillman Hunter37hr 50min
16A.Katz/A.Kling/A.PfuhlMercedes-Benz 280SE38hr 5min
17G.Holm/V.Boubnov/K.GuirdauskasMoskvich38hr 52min
18Ms. J.Denton/Ms. P.Wright/Ms.E.CrellinMorris 180039hr 16min
19G.Perkins/J.GreenePeugeot 40440hr 46min
20S.Tenishev/V.Kislykh/V.ChirochenkovMoskvich41hr 5min
21R.Janssen/J.DikDatsun 1600SSS46hr 1min
22T.Kingsley/P.Evans/M.ScarlettAustin Maxi46hr 25min
23D.Harris/M.ButlerFord Escort GT66hr 8min
Team Prize: Ford Motor Co. Ltd (Mikkola, Aaltonen and Makinen)


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