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for owners and enthusiasts of the Triumph 2000 series of six-cylinder saloons and estates


Order Cheap Tramadol Online, Buy Cheapest Tramadol

Local Areas (UK)

Area Map


Order Cheap Tramadol Online, Buy Cheapest Tramadol

The following cars were originally entered into or involved in the 1970 London to Mexico World Cup Rally, and are attending WCR40:

World Cup Rally Cars attending WCR40

No.CarEntrantCurrent OwnerOther info
1Triumph 2.5 PI BYE 377H (R. Buchanan-Michaelson/Roy Fidler/Jimmy Bullough)Buchanan MichaelsonDave PearsonCanley Classics
17Hillman Minx/Hunter (Peter Brown/J. Bloxham/R. McBurnley)J.C. BamfordSandy Delgano
20Austin Maxi (Patricia Ozanne/Bronwyn Burrell/Katrina Kerridge)Marshalls of CambridgeGiovani Percossi
30Trident (Capt. C.J.W. Marriot/Capt. J. Dill)17th/21st LancersPaul de Rivaz
32Austin 1800 SMO 227G (Ken Tubman/A.J. Welinski/Bob McAuley)Ken TubmanKen GreenLondon-Sydney, etc.
34BL1800 (Colin Penfold/Eric McInally/Peter Jones)H.C. PenfoldJames PeacopMouldsworth Motor Museum
41Morris 1800 NAM 616G (Capt. J. Rugge-Price/C. Morley-Fletcher/Maj. P. Beaver)Special Motor RepairsTed TaylorLondon-Sydney, etc.
43Triumph 2.5 PI XJB 304H (Andrew Cowan/Brian Coyle)British Leyland/ The FAPatrick Walker
61Austin 1800 DBC 33K (Viscount Everington/Bill Heinecke)Team ThailandTed TaylorDid not start
69Ford Capri GVX 40H(Brian Peacock, Dave Skittral)Dunton Team UKMichael Ryman1974 World Cup Rally
70Austin Maxi (Capt. HRH.Prince Michael Of Kent/Capt. M.G. Thompson/Capt N. Clarkson)Royal Hussars; 17th/21st LancersBritish Motor Heritage
83Hillman Hunter (Washington Grant James/Alun Davies Rees/Hywel Llewelyn Thomas)W.G. JamesGraham Moore
91Morris 1800 (Mrs Jean Denton/Mrs. Pat Wright/Mrs Liz Crellin)Woman MagazineBeauty Box
92Triumph 2.5 PI XJB 303H (Evan Green/Jack Murray/Hamish Cardno)British Leyland/Motor MagazineMark SwinglerSouthern Triumph
98Triumph 2.5 PI XJB 302H (Paddy Hopkirk/Tony Nash)British Leyland/The FABrian Jenkins
Triumph 2.5 PI WRX 902HN/AAndrew MartinWorks World Cup development car
Ford Escort H1FEVN/AFord Motor CompanyReplica of winning car
Winner of 1995 re-run
List as at 16th March 2010 - see Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery if you wish to bring a car.


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