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Irena bids for space tour

Cambridge Mathematics Fellow and (more importantly) Register Member/all-round Triumph 2500/2.5 Nut Irena Borzym has written to the Editor of SIXappeal to ask for the votes of her fellow members. She’s entered a competition to win a free tourist flight into space. She writes: I wonder if there is space in the magazine or on the website […]

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New membership rates from 1st January 2013

An important message from the Membership Secretary: Recently the cost of running your club has seen significant increases especially with regard to postage and in particular postage of SIXappeal. Naturally we are reluctant to pass on any increase to our members but the time has now come for a small increase in Membership Subscriptions. Ten years ago […]

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New Online Membership Renewal System

Important Notice! We’ve discarded the old ZenCart shop system (which was really difficult to manage and didn’t work very well) with one that is built into the base software of the website. Existing members can renew their membership, new members can join, old members can rejoin. PayPal is still the method of payment though you can use […]

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Do you subscribe to this site? Are you a Register member?

Did you know that you can get access to exclusive parts of this site if you subscribe to the articles and are a Register member? If you haven’t already let me know, please do so and I’ll upgrade your status on the site. Send me your real name, username, email address and membership number and I’ll […]

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SIXappeal 173, June 2010

SIXappeal 173, the June 2010 edition of the Triumph 2000/2500/2.5 Register’s bi-monthly magazine, will be delivered to members during the first week of June. SIXappeal 173 Contents PageItem 2Who’s Who – The Triumph 2000 2500 2.5 Register; Editorial 3Just in Passing….. 4Alan Crussell reports on Graham Robson’s book launch 5Shows & Events Diary 6Technical Extracts from the Register Forum 8AGM Notices, Agenda and […]

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May 2010 COTM - Mike Stevens' Family Album

This isn’t so much ‘Car of the Month’, more ‘Cars Of The Past Several Decades’. Mike Stevens continues: Before I discovered the delights of Triumph motoring, I had been driving an ex-Royal Marines LandRover but then I discovered ‘girls’ and the LandRover was not the ideal vehicle for going to dances in! A change was […]

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February COTM: Rob Baker's 2500TC

Rob Baker's 1973 Triumph 2500 TC Many members may recognise Rob Baker’s 2500. It was, until recently, the long serving steed to our much missed former SIXappeal Editor, John Cottrell. Rob relates: I bought MYL 610L in August 2009 and joined the Register at the same time. I was no stranger to the club though as my parents […]

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Member’s Cars page completed

I’ve completed the rejigged Member’s Cars page – as I say in the intro, I realise a fair bit of this info may be out of date so please let me know if you know any info on the cars.

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