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Peter Collier’s new book “Triumphant Rallying”

“Triumphant Rallying” by Peter Collier Longstanding Register member Peter Collier has published a new book on the marque, “Triumphant Rallying, The Rallying History of the Triumph 2000 and 2.5PI from 1963 to 2010″. As his website at states: Since the introduction of the Triumph 2000 in the autumn of 1963 it was clear that it was destined […]

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Triumphant Rallying

A rallying history of the 2000 & 2.5 PI Our member, Peter Collier, is nearing completion of his book about the Triumph 2000/2.5PI in rallying and having helped him (along with other members) in his research and now doing a bit of proof-reading for him, I reckon the final product will be of interest to us […]

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