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Triumph 2500 S 1977. Auto. British racing green. Tan leather interior. Has been sitting in garage for 17 years. Just over 67,000 miles. Starts first time. Needs respray & front seats. Sound bodywork. Ideal for restoration. 4 owners. £3,500 ono. Tel. No: 07552 525239 (mobile – Middlesex). Mem.No: 7256.

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Triumph 2000/2500 estate fuel tank. This was removed from a Stag which is the same part and replaced with an aluminium one. Although not perfect (40 years old) it is serviceable. It is FREE to a member who is willing to collect. Tel. No: 07876 502183 (mobile – Hants) or email Mem. No: 2037. (218/03)


Triumph Mk 1 saloon, 2000 or 2.5pi. Being thoroughly bored with modern cars I have the warped intention to use as a 15,000 mile/year daily driver. Any condition car would be considered from concours beauty to tatty non-runner, standard or non-standard. I would prefer a car without major rust and with its original interior but wouldn’t rule anything out. Email: Tel: 07875 119204(day) or 01522 778901 (Lincoln), evenings or w/e).


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