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  • Membership Renewal

    This package is for existing Register Members only. Please refer to the renewal notice posted to you for accurate renewal dates. NEW OFFER! Add a second year now, get a £2 incentive discount.

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  • New Member Application

    Join the Register for only £34! Apply to Join the Register quickly and easily online! New Members will receive their Membership Card, the latest copy of SIXappeal, the Register Bi-Monthly magazine, a copy of the Club Rules and a windscreen badge. Add a second year now, get a £4 discount overall (no joining fee for second year, […]

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  • Rejoining Member Application

    Welcome back! This package is for those who were previously Register Members and let their membership lapse* for whatever reason, and would like to apply to rejoin. Add a second year now, get a £4 discount overall (no rejoining fee for second year, plus additional £2 incentive discount). *N.B. Membership is considered to have lapsed if a Member […]

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