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SIXappeal 175, October 2010

SIXappeal Magazine 175 October 2010SIXappeal 175, the October 2010 edition of the Triumph 2000/2500/2.5 Register’s bi-monthly magazine, will be delivered to members during the first week of October.

SIXappeal 175 Contents

2Who's Who - The Triumph 2000 2500 2.5 Register; Editorial
3Just in Passing.....
4Classic Motor Show - discount ticket offer
5Register News - Alan Crussell
6Technical Extracts from the Register Forum
8Manufacturing in South Africa - Tim Gallwey
10Trip to Troyes - Marino Pacini
12Your Letters
13The Derek Millward Award - Andy Roberts
14Group News
17A Trip to Bavaria - Dieter Neset
18Out and About - colour feature
19Help for Heroes - a good cause benefits from members' generosity
20National Awards centre spread
22National Personal Awards
23The Easter Excursion; Tilly Triumph
24At the TR Register International, Malvern
25Local Group Information (many updates this issue)
27Teen Triumph
28Technical Tips
30The Triumph Crossword and August's Solution. Club Bookshop.
FCBouquets at Borgue - Bob Maddock presents the organisers with well deserved tokens of our appreciation
IFCShows, Sport and Sunshine
IBCClub Regalia (new products, ideal Christmas gifts)
BCTriumphs on display

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