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NEC Classic Motor Show Report

The Triumph 2000 Register Stand at the 2009 Classic Motor Show, the NEC, Birmingham

The Triumph 2000 Register Stand at the 2009 Classic Motor Show, the NEC, Birmingham

Our stand this year was just about big enough for 3 cars, Peter Collier’s mark 1 rally car, a genuine low mileage mark 2 PI finished in Sapphire Blue and Ziebarted from new, owned by Roy Gascoine (a former Standard-Triumph employee), and a Honeysuckle 2000TC owned by Terry Leach. Terry is an interesting chap – he also owns a classic coach, so you can guess what he and your Editor spent all weekend talking about! Over 48,000 visitors attended and at times, it seemed as though they were all on our stand; the rally car drawing a lot of attention in view of the 40th anniversary of the World Cup Rally and Triumph’s moral if not actual victory. Over 1400 vehicles were on show, along with the usual collection of traders and dealers. Business for the dealers was brisk with some needing to replenish their stock of cars over the course of the weekend. Credit crisis? What credit crisis??

Wandering around the trade stands, of which there seemed to be fewer this year, your Editor?s eye was caught by a small selection of stands. The first was “Oil Spy” – a product that we now carry in our Regalia Store and which is described more fully elsewhere in SIXappeal.

At the last MOT, my friendly examiner told me that he wanted my front seatbelts replaced before the next MOT as the fraying of the edges was close to the limit. I really wanted to keep the original style, with the centre floor mounted buckle box and was pleased to find Quickfit Seat Belt Services showing their wares. So my car now has a set of new belts that look identical to the original Britax ones fitted, even down to the weave of the webbing. The owner of the company is a Triumph enthusiast, which probably helps, as the service and level of knowledge was quite incredible. Sharon is looking at offering their products through our store. In the meantime, you can find them on the internet at or phone 020 8206 0101.

Some products like “wash-o-matic” seem to turn up at every show, but one being demonstrated caught my eye. Here was a chap, looking for all the world like an advertiser’s stereotype of a “craftsman” demonstrating his wares. Two products in fact; one a varnish sold under the trade name of “Le Tonkinois” based on a mixture of linseed oil and tung nut oil that gives very good quality results and the other, a flexible shaft sanding disk with seemingly indestructible disks. I took up the offer to sand a piece of old pallet and within a few minutes, had produced a finish comparable to the best Chippendale. So, as well as the application of the sander on car paintwork, it might be useful along with the varnish for refurbishing the woodwork trim in our cars. The products are not particularly cheap, but even a cynic like me was impressed. Find them at

The Classic Motor Show is sponsored by Footman James and Meguiar’s, who ran a “club showcase” – in effect a concours of concours. The winning car, a Ferrari 275 GTB/4 was absolutely flawless. But I bet not half so much fun as our Triumphs!

Kevin Warrington

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