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Wings, Wheels, Speed & Steam


White Waltham, near Maidenhead. See Thames Renegades Group Report in SIXappeal 172 for more details.


Three themed pavilions are planned for the weekend:

  • WWII Spitfire Pavilion – 30s and 40s music
  • Rock and Soul Pavilion – 50s and 60s music
  • Glam rock and New Romantics Pavilion with music from the 70s and 80s

It seems you can book to park by these but I think you have to have the period clobber.

Other proposed sections for the weekend, with the allocated spaces, are:

  • Steam engines 20
  • Working miniature steam engines 30
  • Classic cars 400
  • American rock and roll section 400
  • Tractors 50
  • Fair organs 4
  • Commercial vehicles 60
  • Buses/coaches 20
  • Emegency vehicles 20
  • Military vehicles 50 (this includes demos and sets so will take up greater space than just 50 vehicles)
  • Vintage cars 50
  • Motorcycles 200
  • Vintage motocycles 50
  • Scramblers 40 (we are working on creating a track for racing)
  • Static aircraft 30

New sections:

  • Modified and custom cars 40
  • Hot rods 20
  • Dragsters 10
  • Racing cars 20 (with possible track for exhibition race)
  • Scooters 100

If they succeed in all this it looks like it will be a good weekend.


Sat 10 – 8 then rock and soul until 11pm last admission 8pm. DJ will be Wild Cat Pete with live music by Bernie Woods and the Forest Fires on Saturday evening. Muleskinners will be playing live during Sunday.

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