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Stoneleigh Show Report

The Triumph 2000 Register Stand at Stoneleigh, March 2010

The Triumph 2000 Register Stand at Stoneleigh, March 2010

Sunday 7th March dawned bright but crisp, which was good news for those bringing their cars to display on the Register stand. Not too much, if anything, to clean from the cars. Having set up the stand backboards and table on Saturday afternoon, the only things to do on Sunday were set up the tent and position the cars in an attractive manner. Sharon hung the new Regalia half mannequins up and arranged the Regalia, to complete the Register stand.

Isn’t it funny how time slips away so quickly and you are still adding finishing touches as the ‘punters’ start rolling in!

Anyone who has been to Stoneleigh will know how chilly it is in the cowsheds (smells a bit too) and this event was no exception, so wrapped up warm we prepared for the day ahead.

Arranged in a semi-fan shape, we had Ken Bryant’s V8 PI, Sharon Furnell’s PI, Barry McGrath’s 2500S Estate, Lee Godfrey’s Mk I PI and our PI. Next to us we had the WCR40 stand, with Pat Walker’s World Cup PI and a rally Landcrab (sadly I don’t know anything else about the car but I’m sure it was an historic one).

The day turned out to be very busy for the Register stand, with a lot of interest in the cars on display and Sharon doing a roaring trade on Regalia. We also had some new joiners to the Register, who received the latest copy of  SIXappeal and had a good chat with those present on the stand.

Trade stands in the other hall seemed to be as popular as ever, with some reporting a disappointing selection of things to buy, whilst others seemed to have no problem in finding purchases galore. It was obviously dependent on what you were looking for.

The day passed by in a blur for Amanda and I, not unexpectedly with this being the first stand that we had ‘managed’, I hope Gaydon 18th April for WCR40 will be a little more relaxing.

In summary we thought that Stoneleigh was pretty good. We met a lot of new people, got some contacts for future show cars and survived the day without any disasters. We would like to thank those listed above for their help and providing cars, Derek and Jamie (Furnell) for not just standing back and laughing as we tried to get the tent up and arrange the cars (and for help packing up afterwards) and Alan and Sam Chatterton for their help Saturday and Sunday.

Hope to see you all at WCR40.

Colin and Amanda.

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