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March COTM: Bill Young's National Winner

Bill Young's Triumph 2000 Mark IBill first had a Mk1 in 1977 – a 1967 2000 automatic in gunmetal and, in his own words, “LOVED IT”. He fitted manual/overdrive, uprated springs, shocks, Lumenition, Weller steel slot ‘mags’ (For which he waited seven months!). Bill used it to tow his bangers, then stock rods when he raced, then sold it to a pal who comprehensively wrote it and a Sherpa off. “The driver’s cockpit was untouched, the rest destroyed. Nearside chassis leg still standing straight out, polished, with all the tinwork peeled off! Happy days?”

Fast forward to July 2007, for the classic car show at Knockhill and Bill was with a mate in his 1961 Bedford CA campervan (original and mint) as the Mini was still in bits. He spotted the Triumph (MSS 8E) and just thought it had a look about it. It needed a clean, but the rest was as you see. He approached the owner and asked that, if he was ever thinking of selling it, would he please consider him. “I’m thinking a year down the line, when I hoped to have the Mini complete. He said he had another classic, an MGA, and as he was renewing his road car and only had garaging for two, the Triumph would have to go! OK, time to panic!”

Bills friends checked the car, confirming what he thought – “If you want a Triumph, you’ll do well to get a better one” – so Bill went home and spoke to June, His long suffering wife of 33 years. The rest is history. Bill sold his 1992 Yamaha FJ 1200cc with 22000 miles on it (“A stunner, broke my heart.”) to help finance the car.

So to the car’s history: Registered 01-02-1967 to a bachelor lorry driver from Mussellburgh, Edinburgh. He only used the car on the weekend to take his mum a run or shopping. His mother died in 1991 at the age of 92, the son died 6 months later at the age of 69. The car had covered 24000 miles in 24 years.

The car was then sold with the estate and auctioned off.

It was bought by an antiques dealer from Dalkeith, Edinburgh, who bought it as an investment. He owned it for the next 14 years, in which time it covered the heady mileage of 900. Bill has two MoTs with 9 miles between them! This gentleman decided to sell the car in 2005 when it was advertised in Edinburgh press (Bill has a copy of the ad).

Bill continues: “It then passed on to the chap I bought it off of, who increased the mileage to 27000. It passed into my hands in 04-08-2007. It now has 32000+ miles on it.

Since owning I have done the following:

Renewed engine & gearbox mounts (one split, rest u/s); resealed rear brake cylinders (not leaking,but sticking in the seals); new tyres; clutch master cylinder (constantly weeping inside the car after being resealed twice! – the cylinder bore was pitted where the seal sits when relaxed). I will repair the cylinder and refit it  for originality’s sake; new strut gaiters; a stainless exhaust (Christmas prezzy) and electronic ignition (£20-00 from simonbbc on bay–great).

The idea is to keep the car as original as possible, thus the following! – The car had the wrong battery and clamp when I bought it and on speaking to the previous owner at a show (he still wants the car back!) said it came without it. I contacted the previous- previous owner (the antiques dealer) via BT, called him, explained I had the car and wondered if he had the clamp and rods. He did! I then went on a 200 mile round trip to collect them, cleaned, painted & fitted with correct battery. It was now back to original! The car has never been painted, panelled or welded in all it’s life. I feel very privileged to own such a car and I think I will be keeping it for a long while, God willing.

I joined the Register and came to the Pickering National just to ‘see what I had got’. I was advised to enter the concours and, well, the rest as they say….

I was absolutely floored by the reception and comeraderie shown to me and my car at the National and overcome with the results. I am still very humbled at the attention the car receives at these shows.

Bill Young's Custom Minivan

Bill Young's Custom Minivan

If you look at the pics of the Mini, you may understand how hard it is for me to keep the triumph standard, as this is the first car I have ever owned that has not been “tweaked” in one way or another, but I remain committed, or as my wife and family say, I should be committed!!”

As anyone who’s seen Bill’s car in the metal can testify, what sets this car out from the rest is it’s stunning originality and state of preservation, from the all-original paint to the delightfully detailed engine bay. Truly wonderful.

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