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February Car of the Month: Rob Baker's 2500TC

Rob Baker's 1973 Triumph 2500 TC

Rob Baker's 1973 Triumph 2500 TC

Many members may recognise Rob Baker’s 2500. It was, until recently, the long serving steed to our much missed former SIXappeal Editor, John Cottrell.

Rob relates:

I bought MYL 610L in August 2009 and joined the Register at the same time. I was no stranger to the club though as my parents are Jeff and Julie Baker; members since the year dot and former committee members, so I have them to blame for my Triumph addiction. She is a 1973 2500 Mk2.

It had been a few years since a lack of storage space forced me into selling my Herald 1200, but the intention was always to buy another Triumph once time, space and money allowed. I aim to keep the car in its current tidy condition and improve upon it where possible but still keep it in regular use as I believe John did.

Jobs done so far include:

  • Replaced centre console which was badly cracked
  • Replaced Choke assembly, it now stays out on its own without the help of a clothes peg!
  • Changed oil and filters, it had been running on a thinner grade of oil, much happier now
  • Replaced Oil Pressure relief valve and spring. The oil light was flickering just slightly when coming to a stop from high speed, the better oil and new valve seem to have greatly improved this but i will fit a Chris Witor oil pump at some stage
  • Replaced worn check strap on drivers side door and adjusted the hinge, still need to do passenger side which is also opening too wide
  • Cleaned out the air box as the inside had been painted at some stage and was now flaking off and clogging the filter. Also cleaned out all the ducts, vents and heater matrix which was full of leaves and associated gunk

Jobs still to do include fitting a towbar and replacing the rear bumper which has a mysterious hole on the underside. Once the weather improves the car will be used for towing our classic 1960’s Folding Caravan.

The engine bay of Rob Baker's Triumph 2500 TC

The engine bay of Rob's Triumph

The car is very sound bodywise but there are some blemishes in the paintwork and the odd scab here and there as you might expect from a car in regular use so it may well be paying a visit to the bodyshop in the near future for a mild makeover. MYL will be seeing service as our wedding car this September so I want her looking her best.

Rob and Vicki

Rob and Vicki

About the owner

Location: North Manchester (Hopefully relocating to the Peak District in the near future, anyone want a nice 3 bed Semi in Manc? Going cheap!)

Interests: Old Cars, Camping, Hiking, Writing, Photography

Other Stuff: In addition to being a Register member I am also the Webmaster and Northern Area Co-Ordinator of the Triumph Sporting Owners Club. I am an occasional contributor to Camping magazine and a member of their readers panel. I have had several articles and photos published.

I live with my better half Vicki and our 2 dogs Monty and Cindy. Vicki and I are getting married in September this year.

It looks as if Rob’s got heritage on his side. Not only are his parents steeped in the history of the Register, so is the car.

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