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January 2010 Car of the Month

Arthur Selby’s 1975 Triumph 2500 TC Police Car

PC Selby's Triumph 2500 TC

PC Selby's Triumph 2500 TC

This  month we take a look at PC Selby’s 2500 TC, resplendent in the livery of Greendale Constabulary. PC Selby has been custodian of the car for a number of years now: “Greendale isn’t the wealthiest of local police authorities, so we’ve had to make do with the same car now for quite a while”.

“we have to be a little inventive with parts replacement”

Understandably, with such a long tenure the car has deviated from standard somewhat, the single indicator lenses being the most obvious. “Even though we have one of the finest postal services in the country (courtesy of Patrick Clifton, otherwise known locally as ‘Postman Pat’, and Mrs Goggins, the postmistress), for some reason neither Chris Witor or Rimmer Bros will deliver to Greendale anymore, which means we have to be a little inventive with parts replacement.”

Of the car’s attributes, Arthur comments: “The boot is lovely and big, I can get several traffic cones in there plus the usual police-type stuff such as handcuffs, truncheons, donuts and such like. We keep the car in a decent state of tune by having it fettled regularly by Ted Glen at Pencaster, so we can keep up with the local boy racers no problem. The poor state of some of the B roads round here means that the all-round independent suspension is a definite advantage”.

We think the car is a cracker, long may PC Selby be the pilot of such a fine car.

4 comments to January 2010 Car of the Month

  • kevinw

    We’re not so sure that it is a Triumph 2500 any longer as a result of problems noted in getting parts. I think that the windscreen has the look of a Ford Angle Box about it and Ann thinks the boot looks more like a Hillman Imp

  • Ah, but you’ve got to look at the boot in context of it’s cartoonish proportions. Enough of the primary attributes are still present: The nose, the sweep of the shoulder line from front to back, the lip over the rear window, even the wheel trims. Okay, Ted’s had a bit of a play with the bonnet and the rear wheel arches but the man’s an inveterate tinkerer, well known for it. Honest.

  • kevinw

    Cartoon? Are you saying that it isn’t real life? I think the boot is from a 1300 FWD, myself and the bonnet lid from a mark 1 – so maybe he’s got a Stag engine as well?

  • Shades of Herald about the rear roof line as well.

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