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Car of the Month May 2014 – Lawrence Jones´Mk1

Car of the month is back once again, bringing you another fine example of everybody’s favourite large Triumph saloon!

This month we proudly present Lawrence Jones’ rally-styled Mk1.K640_P1020017

Lawrence takes up the story:

I had been looking for a sound Mk1 for a while. In fact over 6 months I had searched and was beginning to think none existed when I was alerted to a car located in Cornwall, reasonably local to me, via ebay. After contacting the vendor I arranged to see the car in the metal. It certainly was very sound and pretty much original with 56k on the clock with one owner from new in march ’68. The original owner passed away in 1982 and the family tucked the car away in a dry garage for the next thirty years, it only came to light because of the private number on the car (1 GCV).

This was sold with the car for a five figure sum and then the car was offered on the market. I decided the car was perfect for me to create my take on the ’60s Mk1 rally cars. After securing the deal I drove it back to Devon without drama.There followed 18 months of strip down , repaint and then putting it all back together. The photos tell the story better than I can!

Special mention should be made of my engineer, Mike Tarr of Ratt Racing who built the 2.5 engine from a bare block, also Mike Papworth for the gearbox, diff and LSD and Yorkshire Triumphs who put the whole thing together. All did a great job!

One of the mods that I thought necessary was improved lighting so now the car is equipped with HIDs and LEDs. There have been a few problems since the cars return but nothing serious, just the usual snagging issues. I am hopeful the car will get regular use particularly on longer distance events and even the Peking to Paris is a possibility in the future.

Many thanks to Lawrence for sending his car in – submit yours now and maybe it will appear soon as our Car of the Month!

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