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Car of the Month February 2014 : Amanda Johnson´s 2500S Estate

For the first Car of the Month feature of 2014, we proudly present a well known and very well loved big Triumph from among our ranks.

Amanda Johnson´s 1975 2500S Estate – HOE 36N.


Amanda tells us about her lovely car :

We have owned ‘HOE’ for 6 years and packed in 40k miles in that time. We have visited France twice, completed the RBRR twice, towed our trailer to the NEC, Stoneleigh, Malvern, Gaydon and Stafford many times during our tenure as ‘Shows’ coordinators.
Family holidays, Nationals, delivering my daughter to Uni even the mundane ‘tip runs’.
Most members will have seen HOE in the pages of SIXappeal on many occasions even gracing the cover of a summer special on one occasion.
Since picking her up from the Oxford area in January 2008 we have joined the Register, become members of the Board, gained many new friends and acquaintances, whilst really enjoying ourselves.

HOE was originally an assessment car with BL power and Transmissions division, registered on 14/7/75 she is a pretty early 2500S and rare on an ‘N’ plate.
The body is starting to show it’s age a little now but Colin has been collecting panels for an overhaul, which will build upon the complete sill replacement done in 2010.
After all this time it’s difficult to think of life without our estate, I doubt that we will ever sell her.


More COTM coming in March – send in your car´s story and some pictures and your car could also be featured here !


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