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Car of the Month December 2013 : Your Website Editor´s 2.5Pi Restoration Project

After over three-and-a-half-years absent, our Car of the Month feature makes a welcome return to the register website !

This is however, more than just a short piece of text and a few pictures of the big saloon currently lurking in my workshop. It is also an appeal to you, the members of the register, to submit your cars for future editions of Car of the Month. I am hopeful that since the last published Car of the Month feature in May 2010, many of our members have been polishing, modifying or restoring their cars, perhaps even adding new Triumph 2000´s to their driveways and are now raring to show them off. Any Triumph 2000, 2500, 2.5Pi, TC, S, saloon or estate is welcome – hopefully a good selection of cars can be featured !

If you would like to see our Car of the Month feature become a regular appearance on the register website, please do your bit and submit your car. All that´s required is some information or background story about your car and a few good quality pictures. Send your submissions to: – i´m looking forward to receiving them !

And now, Car of the Month December 2013 : Your Website Editor´s 2.5Pi Restoration Project.

001        002

This particular 2.5Pi Mk1 is a 1969 model and had, up to February 1984, covered just 47,000km. It was then deemed unfit to pass another Motorfahrzeugkontrolle or MFK, the Swiss equivalent of the British MOT and was put into storage. Here it stayed for around 18 years until the owner, a former Swissair pilot, realised that he was unlikely to ever return the car to a roadworthy condition and sold it to a classic British car specialist in 2002. Although it was kept in covered storage, the condition continued to deteriorate and an attack of vandalism left it badge-less. The end could have so easily come but fortunately, the owner of the company refused to sell the car as an engine donor for a TR5 or 6 as he felt such a rare car deserved to one day drive again.

I purchased the Pi in May 2012 and have now been working to restore it for just over a year. So far the complete suspension, rear axle and steering has been overhauled and work is now progressing onto the hydraulic systems and interior. Eventually, I will have a bare shell to refresh and repaint before the much cleaner task of re-assembly can begin !

DSCF3160         IMG_7068

DSCF2678         DSCF3158

So I hope you have enjoyed this little look at my Triumph 2000. It´s not much to look at but one day it will back in tip-top condition and adding to those few original kilometers covered so far.

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