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STAR 90 Track Day Promo Video Released

A promotional video for the STAR 90 Track Day has been produced by SIXappeal Editor Kevin Warrington:

STAR 90 Track Day Promo Video

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  • jeffphillipis

    Hi from “Downunder”.
    I don’t presently own a Triumph, but drove them for 27 years.
    I owned 14. My first, a Mk 1 2000, then a variety of 2.5s and 2500s…my last was a 2500 into which I shoehorned a 4.4 ltr Leyland V8.
    My favorite was my Mk1 2.5.
    I drove it solo from Brisbane to Melbourne(stopping only for fuel) in 16.5 hours….that’s 1200 miles.
    I drove it to Perth and one day on that trip twice managed 180 miles in two hours. At one stage I was covering 2 miles in 61 seconds.
    119.5 mph….it did take a while to wind out…but not bad for a bog standard 2.5PI.
    I read a short report of your 30th anniversary in an old Classic and Sports Car and was wondering if you might like an essay on some of my times with Triumphs.
    If you are interested could you send me an email address.
    Best wishes

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