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Irena bids for space tour

Irena Borzym wants your votes to win a trip into spaceCambridge Mathematics Fellow and (more importantly) Register Member/all-round Triumph 2500/2.5 Nut Irena Borzym has written to the Editor of SIXappeal to ask for the votes of her fellow members. She’s entered a competition to win a free tourist flight into space. She writes:

I wonder if there is space in the magazine or on the website for a message? I would like to ask members to vote for me at the url below. My membership number is 7222 – 01/04.

For the record I now have the following

  • A Mk 2 2.5 PI Estate with the injection system running perfectly on unleaded that’s to Malcolm of Prestige Injection.
  • A very low mileage 2500 TC saloon – I am only the second owner.
  • A very early 2.5 P.I. Mk 2 carb conversion saloon. (One of my longest standing family members.)
  • A race prepared 2.5 Mk 2 saloon which I found on e-bay.

I work for the university teaching maths but in my spare time I run the Cambridge refuge for unloved Triumphs! I also have a couple of Stags for good measure.

At some point I shall write an article to ask if anyone has any knowledge of past history of any of the family.

Wish me luck and please vote, All best, Irena

The URL for the vote is:

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