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New membership rates from 1st January 2013

An important message from the Membership Secretary:

Recently the cost of running your club has seen significant increases especially with regard to postage and in particular postage of SIXappeal.

Naturally we are reluctant to pass on any increase to our members but the time has now come for a small increase in Membership Subscriptions. Ten years ago UK Subs were £26 per annum and have only risen to in that time to the current rate of £28 p.a.

Reluctantly then, from 1st January 2013 UK subscriptions will be increased to £29 – well below inflation but still a £1 increase we would prefer not to make. However there is some good news: anyone switching to the two year scheme will save £1 per year thus wiping out the increase. Those already using the two year scheme have been paying only £1 more per year than they were ten years ago.

In line with the UK increase, European membership goes up to £31.50 p.a. and Overseas goes up to £34. Family Members stay at £2 and the joining or rejoining fee remains at £5. Main members get £2 discount if they join for two years.

Sorry about the increase, I hope you will understand.

Carole Hathaway

Membership Secretary

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