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 A rallying history of the 2000 & 2.5 PI

Our member, Peter Collier, is nearing completion of his book about the Triumph 2000/2.5PI in rallying and having helped him (along with other members) in his research and now doing a bit of proof-reading for him, I reckon the final product will be of interest to us all.

Alan Crussell

Hello and a good morning or good evening to you depending on which part of the World you are in.

I am writing a book on the rallying history of the Triumph 2000 and 2.5PI. The book is now in its final stages and I am trying to tie up the loose ends, although there do seem to be quite a few of these! That means that I need to contact a few more people for either information or photographs and in particular I am keen to receive more information of experiences with the cars in Australia and Ireland.

It is hoped that the book will be available during November 2011 and more information can be found at Click on ‘About’ and you will find additional information and this site will be updated nearly to the date of publication.

If you have any additional Triumph rallying information or would like more information please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Peter Collier

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