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Obscure Triumph 2000 References No.726

Lego Triumph 2500 Police Car Okay, the creator of this little item is somewhat misinformed, but you’ve got to give credit for doing it in the first place. Click on the pic to go to the original page.

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Member’s Cars page completed

I’ve completed the rejigged Member’s Cars page – as I say in the intro, I realise a fair bit of this info may be out of date so please let me know if you know any info on the cars.

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OK, I know this is potentially an almighty PITA, but currently there is no synchronization between your user registrations on this new site, the forum and the shop. This is because they are three entirely different applications on three different databases. I hope there’ll be a way round this in the future (some clever person needs […]

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We're live - please excuse the disruption

Well, I’ve decided to put this as yet unfinished site live, replacing the old Register site (which is still available here). I think it’s better to put this site live than leave the old one which as got quite a lot of out of date information on it. Critical static content, such as Member’s Cars, […]

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New Register website under construction

I’ve finally settled on the system I’m going to use to build the Triumph 2000 2500 2.5 Website: This one (WordPress). A bit of a cop-out really. I tried a number of CMS packages, including Joomla!, Drupal, CMSMS, etc., but ultimately found them too complex. I think the advantage of WordPress is that it’s extensible […]

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Don't worry

Hi, I know this looks a bit strange, but hopefully this WordPress site will form the basis of the new Triumph 2000 2500 2.5 Register website. You can still access the old site here, and this new site will disappear and reappear randomly over the next few weeks. Sorry for this disruption, but progress will hopefully be […]

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