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Peter Collier’s new book “Triumphant Rallying”

“Triumphant Rallying” by Peter Collier Longstanding Register member Peter Collier has published a new book on the marque, “Triumphant Rallying, The Rallying History of the Triumph 2000 and 2.5PI from 1963 to 2010″. As his website at states: Since the introduction of the Triumph 2000 in the autumn of 1963 it was clear that it was destined […]

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Triumphant Rallying

A rallying history of the 2000 & 2.5 PI Our member, Peter Collier, is nearing completion of his book about the Triumph 2000/2.5PI in rallying and having helped him (along with other members) in his research and now doing a bit of proof-reading for him, I reckon the final product will be of interest to us […]

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More rust prevention discounts!

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10% off anti-corrosion treatment for Register Members

Vehicle anti-corrosion specialists Rust-Less are offering Register Members 10% off the cost of any Rust-Less rustproofing treatment booked. The Rust-Less treatment starts with hot pressure cleaning of the underside of the vehicle to remove as much rust as possible. Then, using high pressure atomisation equipment, thet inject their specially formulated professional cavity wax into the vulnerable […]

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Do you know the condition of your oil?

When you pull out your car’s dipstick to check on the oil, what are you looking for? Level (of course), colour, consistency, viscosity – to the experienced eye these indicators can tell us a fair bit about the condition of the oil, and a certain amount about the condition of the engine. Now, though, there is an easy to use method which can tell you exactly what is in your oil and the likely causes of contamination – OIL SPY.

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WCR40 Souvenir Programme

WCR40 Souvenir Programme If you’re going to be visiting WCR40, why not invest in the specially produced souvenir programme at only £5.00? 48 full colour pages packed with photographs, stories, statistics and much more. A wonderful reminder of the day. If you can’t make it to WCR40, these will be available to […]

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